Social Action

The Pescar (Fish) Project

During 2009, Ecofrotas began to implement one of its most important social responsibility projects for 2010: the inauguration of its first Pescar Project class.

Pescar is an innovative system of social franchising, where member organizations open up their facilities for personal and professional development for socially vulnerable adolescents. In its 33 years of existence, Pescar has trained over 15 thousand young people.

In 2010, the Ecofrotas Pescar unit began caring for a class of 15 young people that, during the day shift, attended an Administrative Services course. During the other shift they got to practice in the company as young apprentices. The Ecofrotas Pescar unit is located in the city of São Leopoldo. The class, that will be renewed annually, lasts between 9 and 11 months.

The introduction of the Pescar Project at Ecofrotas meets one of its strategic directives: that of Society, through which the company is committed to support and value actions that improve people’s lives. The implementation and the coordination of the Pescar Project is the responsibility of the Human and Organizational Development Department, who select a professional to be the full time project advisor.

Young Apprentices

In alignment with the Pescar Project, Ecofrotas also implemented the Young Apprentices program in 2009, hiring four young people in different company units. Not only is it a social inclusion activity that is practiced by Ecofrotas, the hiring of young apprentices also meets the requirements of Brazilian legislation.