About Us


After 10 years growth as EMBRATEC GOOD CARD, in October 2009 we became ECOFROTAS, the first company in the country to provide a comprehensive fleet management solution, with a new concept based on sustainability. This new approach will guide business activities, giving priority to solutions with the least environmental impact. This commitment encompasses the whole productive process in the company, as well as the methods adopted for measurement and reduction in emissions generated by our customers’ vehicle fleets.

With extensive experience in fleet management procedures, ECOFROTAS has a portfolio of 6,250 corporate customers , with a combined fleet of 321,000 vehicles, which perform 22 million transactions a year involving a national network of gas stations and garages.

ECOFROTAS has invested 18% of its revenue in research, technology and new product development, in an attempt to continuously meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Always working as a customer-oriented company, and with a full and integrated services and product portfolio, today ECOFROTAS is known as a company that delivers excellence in fleet management and support services. Such a high level of experience and expertise leads to reduced costs and environment impacts for our customers arising from their vehicle fleets.